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  1. Java 2 109 Built by @benf @pero @bacn
  2. Eigene Zusammenfassungen für die verschiedenen Fächer

    TeX 8 4 Built by @freijas1 @aihenjoe
  3. An easy to use encrypting, deduplicating backup software.

    Python 7 Built by @camerden @satanuen @freijas1 @lauenchr @wernlmax
  4. An administration tool for physic experiments built with Angular 5 and JAX-RS for the Institute of Applied Mathematics and Physics (IMAP)

    TypeScript 6 1 Built by @marxemat @maingo01 @schlaphi @kaisenic @costifab
  5. sam, the smart assignment manager is a web tool created with react to organize students' assignments within a class or a group inside that class.

    JavaScript 5 Built by @bachmdo2 @viazzfla @eckhanic @maagjon2 @peterch3
  6. Java 5 1 Built by @ittenyan @hallech1 @krayephi @burkhsas @besarmar
  7. PSIT4 FS2016 - Document generation as a service

    JavaScript 5 1 Built by @vongrdir @malacaur @contrben @klaushan @weilemar
  8. Beautiful markdown editor for academic papers.

    JavaScript 4 1 Built by @vissejul @gurtnrap @emberrap @thoenluk @soultale
  9. Java 4 Built by @samichr1 @besarmar @krayephi @westeale @gishaflu
  10. ZHAW Web1-Praktikum bewertet

    CSS 3 1 Built by @giuntdav
  11. CAL is a Learn&Connect platform for mobile devices

    JavaScript 3 Built by @vymar001 @browntho @shabaarb @bachmste @greutnic
  12. jhipster repo (Backend and web frontend)

    Java 3 1 Built by @zimmebru @uzunehes @gruengle @isufidib @schwemi2
  13. Java 3 Built by @strobma1 @wehrlst1 @brunnkev @simmljoe @khanmun1
  14. panem et circenses repo

    F# 3 Built by @gaglinic @morgejor @loetsphi @schaemik
  15. Swift 2 Built by @weberph3 @gelmioli @widmemor
  16. Game für Projektschiene 3 Herbstsemester 2018

    Java 2 Built by @kohlema5 @drehecol @lauale01 @gaudldav @radovale
  17. Task Liste

    JavaScript 2 Built by @anderpas @schuejen
  18. Food Nanny

    Java 2 Built by @parenant @hornale1 @eichmmic
  19. VHDL 2 Built by @schnesv1 @wirzjer1 @abeggmir
  20. The boys are back in town, ready to create the tracker of all issues you've always waited for!

    JavaScript 2 Built by @dibraser @erbenaro
  21. Our main battleship on the frontier of tower defense

    HTML 2 Built by @eckhanic @boescste @emberrap @meierph4
  22. Ultimate-Tic-Tac-Toe

    Java 2 1 Built by @waltepa1 @maingo01 @riededom @bajraade
  23. Infos about using the GPU-Cluster

    Python 2 Built by @murm @buec @eyyi
  24. SnekAway - A 2D-Fanatasy Adventure

    Java 2 Built by @muellarm @hallech1 @burkhsas @ittenyan @schwejoh
  25. JavaScript 2 Built by @haechmic @brunnpa5
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