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MAS Booking Tool

This repo contains 3 different applications. All written in JAVA.

  1. Server Application with RESTful Service
  2. Desktop Application to connect to Server
  3. Android Applications to connect to Server

Server Application

Import complete Project into your IDE like IntelliJ and start the Web Application with Tomcat. Server will be availalbe on url http://localhost:8080

Desktop Application

You can Run the application from IDE or download the pre-build Application for Mac or Windows if the server is up and running.


Start Server and go to: http://localhost:8080

On a Mac, you have to grant access.

Run from IDE

Import complete Project into your IDE like IntelliJ and run


Once the App is running, choose localhost to connect with the Server.

Android Application

Import complete Project into Android Studio and Run the application on a Android Mobile Phone.

How to connect

  1. Go to Server list and add at least 1 Server. If running in a Emulator, you have to use to access the Server.
  2. Go back to the login, choose your server and Login
  3. With Logout you can go back to the login screen
  4. If server is not available, an alert should appear