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After following this tutorial you can follow these steps to add the redirectmiddleware to the vm for testing.

  1. Copy the file into the /vagrant/swift/swift/common/middleware directory.

  2. Make following changes to the 20_settings.conf and the 10_default.conf file in the /etc/swift/proxy-server/proxy-server.conf.d

  3. Add the middleware in the pipeline in the 20_settings.conf file [pipeline:main] pipeline = catch_errors healthcheck webhook proxy-logging cache container_sync bulk tempurl tempauth staticweb slo dlo versioned_writes keymaster encryption proxy-logging proxy-server

  4. Add the middleware config in the 10_default.conf [filter:webhook] use = egg:swift#webhook

  5. Add the middleware entry point to the bottom of the entry_points.txt file in the swift/swift.egg-info/ directory: webhook = swift.common.middleware.webhook:webhook_factory

  6. swift-init restart all

  7. Done

  8. Profit