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Sensor repository for the SAC Sensor


This repository contains the python code of the SAC Sensor. The SAC Sensor consists of a Grove Luminance Sensor which is plugged into a GrovePi board and uses MQTT as the IoT protocol. The SAC Sensor measures the luminance in a fixed interval and publishes its measured value and position to the MQTT network. The sensor value ranges from 0 - 1000.

How to install and run

  • Clone the repository onto the Raspberry Pi 3 (with GrovePi board and Luminance sensor).
  • Go to the directory where the file is located.
  • type sudo python3 install or pip3 install sensor
  • to run the sensor, got to the directory where the is located
  • type python3 to run the sensor


In, you can check or change the PIN where you plug the Luminance sensor into the GrovePi board (default is 0, which is the pin A0 on the GrovePi board). You can also change the interval, in which the sensor publishes its value (polling_interval)

In, you can change the IPv4 address of the broker.

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